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New version 8.4!


Amulets grant you Health and all the PVP Stats (Speed, Crit, Resilience, Protection, Blast, Anti-Blast, Pierce and DMG Reduction). You can upgrade each amulet with 4 stats to obtain better stats and boost your Power.
Explorer's Handbook:
The Explorer’s Handbook can enhance your strength and help you obtain other items. It can be activated if you collect the required Shards. The Explorer’s Handbook has 4 Stages: Novice’s Handbook, Traveler’s Handbook, Master’s Handbook and Adventurer’s Handbook. Higher Stages have higher Stats.
Aid Item System:
Good News! You can spend Evolution Stones or Aid Items to evolve Aid Items on New DDTank! Higher Levels have higher Stats. 
DDKing Road:
DDKing is the highest honor in the game. And we are here to help you achieve it! We have planned tasks and goals of Stage 30 to 70. If you complete the goals on each stage you'll get tons of rewards that will help you become the DDKing! There's also more than 12 Weapons waiting for you!
Bloody Manor(New scene):
Over a hundred years ago, a plague took countless lives from this manor. Since then, no one has dared approach it except the Explorer Tonny. He wanted to study the history of the place, so he decided to check it out on his own. However, he was captured by a mysterious man and is now locked inside. Let’s rescue him!  (PS: There are Pearls in this Dungeon!)
Zombie Siege(New scene):
The zombies are attacking the Farm! We must defend it while the owners are away! (PS: There are Soul Stones in this Dungeon!)
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