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Elite Match

Proficient City attends the Game Developers Conference 2014

On the first day of GDC 2014, the Proficient City team showed up with our first hit game Wartune and many other games also, including Sword Saga, Battle Ocean and DDTANK II, developed by 7 Road, as well as Stallion Race and WindGlory, developed by Proficient City. And that’s not all! Four new mobile games, namely DDTANK Mobile, Age of Titan, Dino Tribe and Coins Fight, together with X-car (both browser and mobile), made their debut.

Proficient City has been following its motto, “Do the best!”, and will continue doing so. Through the co-operation of Proficient City with 7 Road, Wartune has been doing pretty well on the English market. All the other games presented at GDC also drew much attention. Apart from R2games, Kabam, Kongregate and Aeria Games, which are currently enjoying their international fame, many other game companies from East Europe, South America and Asia also showed interest in our products and met Proficient City team to learn more about us.

“The video games we are presenting at GDC meet the needs of the mainstream market or segment markets”, said the Proficient City spokesman, Xitou Lee. He continued saying that “Proficient City will introduce more games onto the English market. This year, we would like to see more other games developed by Chinese played in Europe and America.”

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